Let Us be a Key Piece in Your Organization’s Growth

NEMA Consultants’ focus is on Delivering Forward Thinking  Strategic Planning & Creative Solutions. Our hands-on approach to our client’s needs guarantees Improve Communication, boost Results & Eliminates the Challenges Your Business or Social Organization Faces daily.                                                                                                                      

We focus on Improving business performance, turning risk and compliance into opportunities, developing strategies, and enhancing value are at the core of what we do for leading organizations. We empower business leaders and organizations to be more effective, innovative, and transformative. We do this by  discovering clients’ needs, encouraging creative disruption, applying forward-thinking methodologies, implementing change, and delivering sophisticated solutions

We are positioned to help all our clients effectively.  Our business consulting division core focus is to empower business leaders and organizations to be more effective, innovative, and transformative .Our mission is to serve our clients by assisting in the development of effective partnerships in the business community.  

We offer strategic planning and implementation advice with respect to a broad range of activities including issue resolution, government and business negotiations, governance, education, social housing, economic development,  partnership development, Business startup and  operations management . As well, we offer services designed to improve the internal operations of any business.

 We are a team of thinkers, developers, owners and managers. Independently, we have risen to the top of our fields in executive leadership, community and business development, Collectively, we are NEMA Consultants 








If you are interested in increasing your organization’s bottom-line…. Seeking new areas of improvement or business  to create greater value  & working from a strategic plan that dramatically improves your results we are here to assist. 

Here’s How Your Organization will Improve: When You Consult with an Experienced Expert from Nema Consulting. your organization will be able to tap into over 25 years of Business, Community and leadership Development Experience. By extensively analyzing your organization… we’ll engineer a strategic plan that’s specifically designed to improve your organization’s overall performance… Working to investigate & pinpoint hidden opportunities… while providing real solutions to your most challenging problems.

with Nina-Lee M J Alhambra, CEO & Founder